What is Nutritional Therapy

What is an NT?

A Nutritional Therapist is an expert in Nutritional Medicine. A ‘Diet Expert’, who studies Physiology, Pathology, Anatomy, Nutrition, biochemistry, and Food Science, for many years often at University or other higher education level. Nutritional Therapy is a relatively new profession, which was pioneered by experts setting up private colleges, although now many University Courses are available in the subject.

A Registered Nutritional Therapist is an expert in applying Nutrition as medicine, and this sets an Nutritional Therapist apart from other Nutritional Qualifications without clinical practise (and indeed any short courses in Nutrition which does not in any way provide you with sufficient training to call yourself a NT, nor to qualify you to register with BANT).

What does a NT do?
An NT is an expert in analysing a persons current and past state of health, and then using that information to formulate a nutritional long term phased plan to enable change. Everyone can feel better with the right nutrition.

How do i know if an NT is of a high standard?
An RNT is stringently regulated by BANT, the regulating body of RNT’s. Only highly qualified NTs are eligble, there are rigerous standards, code of conducts, and professional ……that an NT must adhered too.
Always check that your NT is registered with BANT and has professional indemnity insurance.

Why consult an NT?
Everyone would benefit for a Dietary and Health MOT! Even a Nutritionist themselves could benefit from a person with the benefit of an impartial view. We could all do with reviewing whether what we use to do is still working for us. blah blah…

What can expect?
You can expect better appetite control, more energy, better weight management, better sleep, mood, skin, hair, nails. blah blah…

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