What do i Do? or.. Nutritional Consultations?

How it works:

Before a consultation, you will be asked to fill in a comprehensive lifestyle, medical and health history questionnaire along with a Diet Diary, which is to be returned prior.
The confidential information gathered is then discussed in more detail in the face-to-face meeting, so that the Practitioner can collate as much information about you as possible, looking in detail in your past and present, as well as discussing your requirements and goals. This ensures that the Nutritional advise given is personalised, and meets with your level of commitment and circumstances.
Once discussed, there will be recommendations and advice given on foods to eat and foods to avoid. Linda will also be able to recommend suitable supplements and laboratory testing should this be appropriate and required by the Client.

Often there will also be basic lifestyle suggestions as this often ties in tightly with health status and eating and drinking habits. And don’t worry, Linda will also be there for you to provide tricks and tips on how you can manage your new life, and deal with cravings and motivation, as well as provide information on where to source foods.

How can you benefit?

Everyone should have a yearly MOT! We MOT our cars – why not our health, mind and soul?

Health requires some level of attention and effort in our stressful and
But! It’s all worth it – because the benefits can be absolutely huge.
And what’s the alternative – ignoring your physical needs and thereby risk accelerated ageing, increase risk of diseases, but perhaps more current – accepting compromised energy levels, low moods, poor sleep, joint pains, weight gain, ageing skin, poor digestion…

You will be amazed over how quickly, once the correct fuel and building material is provided, over how quickly the body is able to resume function. Your body many functions wants to do one thing – what it’s designed to do.

If you want to know how you can benefit from receiving Bespoke Nutritional advise by a highly trained expert, or want to have a chat about whether a Nutrition ‘MOT’ can benefit you,

Please drop us a line on: linalbin@yahoo.co.uk

Or give us a call for a friendly informal chat on: 07799 148 013

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