Skinny Diet

Bespoke Weight Programs

We don’t all want to be a Skinny Minny – some may want to gain weight, some may want to revert back to a weight they feel fits their identity, and some simply want to find a way to maintain their current weight, but without feeling like this is impossible without sacrifice.

Sadly of course – weight is less about goals and more about sustainability. You can reach your target weight tomorrow – and start celebrating the day after. There really isn’t much fun in reaching your target weight only for one day, so finding the right way to eat for you long term is essential.

Your Nutrition Practitioner will analyse in detail your eating habits, preferences, appetite level, cravings, social lifestyle, and the level of time and finances available as well as commitment to sourcing and preparing foods. This lay the foundation for long term sustained weight loss or maintenance without sacrifice.

Then she will look into what’s going on on your inside. Look at whether your appetite has been altered or affected by your past or current diet(s), whether there might be a metabolic or hormonal imbalance, a low Nutrient status, or whether there may be underlying food intolerances. Every clients health will be investigated in detail, and your Nutritional Therapist is highly trained in physiology, enabling her to interpret the information provided by the client appropriately.

Off the shelf diet such as Atkins,5-2 Diet, or the latest online ‘Detox’ diet, take into account NONE of your genetics, circumstances or preferences, and it’s no wonder many people fail. An inappropriate diet can in fact often even cause quite a bit of imbalance in a person who (due to current state of health, metabolic and genetic differences, level of appetite, and perhaps most importantly – how and what you have eaten in the period leading up to the event) it isn’t appropriate for.
And when this happens, you often find that other problems appear, and you try another type of diet, and another, leading to real confusion and despair.

One way of eating will suit one person, but not another. One way of eating might have suited you 10 years ago, but may not be working for you in your 30’s or 40’s. You might find that you gain weight on diets where other will lose.

Let’s illustrate a couple of practical examples of where things may have gone wrong and the role played by Personlised Nutrition. You may have followed the low-fat diets of the 80’s and 90’s and found that this kept your weight in check for years, but now struggle with sugar and white flour cravings. In addition, you may find that you have no control over the amount you eat, or that you always feel hungry or think about food all the time. The low fat diet is no longer working for you. There are easy solutions to this problem, and the success rate is very high. You need a plan which will correct the imbalance caused by years of eating low fat/high sugar foods, followed by a sustainable long term, comfortable and enjoyable plan, which fits in with your life.

Or you may have recently tried the fasting diet (5/2 diet), and found that you gained weight rather than lost weight. There is a simple explanation and solution to this too. Your blood sugar balance may not have been stable enough for this type of diet and it may even have exacerbated the problem, and you now require a blood-sugar stabilising plan, followed by a diet more suitable for you.

Or you may have jumped on either of the two most fashionable diets – Paleo or Veganism – and now find yourself with digestion issues, low energy, or weight gain instead of weight loss. However don’t despair – Linda is highly experienced in this area and very capable of guiding you out of the maze and onto the right path.

Personalised Nutrition is also able to advise on appropriate Nutritional supplementation, as well as organise very specialised professional laboratory testing only available to qualified and licenced Nutritional Therapists. These can be fantastically interesting and useful in identifying digestive, hormonal, or metabolic status (to mention a few), and is an extremely useful tool for your practitioner. However – whether you wish to proceed with testing is always the clients decision.

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