Nutritional Medicine

Personalised Nutritional Medicine

Linda Albinsson is fully qualified and highly trained in using Nutrition as a medical tool in addressing health concerns. Nutritional Medicine can be applied in compromised health, and is of great benefit in Mental Health, Gastric Disorders, Hormonal Disturbances, Muscular/Joint disorders, auto-immune or skin disorders and many other health concerns.

Linda fuses Naturopathic Nutrition with Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine is a concept and organisation developed by the top American Nutritionists who are also Doctors, Professors and Scientists, who have continued to train Nutritional Therapists across America and the UK. Functional Medicine really is the foundation of what Nutritional Therapy is about. It is based on the absolute latest science and looks at imbalances of physiological systems as a cause of disease, rather than an isolated organ or parts of a body. That our body parts do not work in isolation is not disputed in any medical field. Functional Medicine looks at how you got to where you are today, what triggers and other additional factors lead to things going wrong – and then focus on how can we step by step create an environment in which the body is allowed to carry out it’s normal function going forward.

Naturopathic Nutrition is based on Natural Nutrition and Foods in it’s most natural state, and is very much a holistic approach, using whole foods, fasting, juicing and cleansing as healing tools. Here also, disease is believed to be a lack of balance in the body’s many physiological systems, and many medical conditions are believed to be traced back to a poor digestive function, leading to malabsorption, intoxication, an inappropriate immune response.

The Naturopathic Health Module:

100% Health = Vitality, Energy, Radiance and a stable and happy mental state

75% Health = Low Energy, Vitality and Mood. Low immune system, often coupled with aches and pains

50% Health = Poor Sleep, always tired, bad skin, depression, Joint degeneration; Muscle Pains, illnessness

25% Health = Serious Chronic Disease, Depression, not able to cope

Linda fuses Naturopathic Nutrition with Functional Medicine in her approach, believing that nature and science can work together.

Nutritional Therapy is applied to support the body’s many organs, systems and functions, unravelling problems in metabolic pathways step by step, allowing your cells and organs to do the job they are meant to do, leading to balance and optimum function, resulting in optimum health.

Nutrients have the ability to interact with the human genome to alter gene, protein and metabolite expression which in turn can affect growth, health and disease. You may be born carrying genes by your parents, but we now know that how your genes expressed can be altered by your environment. Look after your body – and feed it what it needs!!

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