Diet ‘MOT’

You may want to just ‘check-in’. How is your nutrient status, are you getting all you need. Could you do better, feel happier or have better energy?

Do you want a professional to take a real in-depth look at your health, diet and lifestyle so that you can be the most energetic, happiest and healthiest you can be?

Or you may in fact want your children to have an MOT. Are they getting enough minerals and protein for their teeth, and their growth. Is their mood and concentration levels what it should be? Could they be having behavioural problems related to subtle food intolerances?

Perhaps you want to know how on earth you can get five reasonably healthy meals on the table for your fussy children, whilst working long hours and dealing with a to-do list longer than your tax bill.
Or learn how you can make the right supermarket shop.

Or you might be concerned about your future health, and be interested in learning more about your genetic predisposition. Rather than fearing this, we can use this to tweak our diets to protect ourselves and minimise the risk of disease.

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