Detox v Retox

Haven’t we all at one time totally over-done it, followed by suffering guilt and border-line disgust over our lack of willpower. We pull ourselves together – on Monday, I will eat nothing but salads and I will never ever drink/smoke/binge again. But of course…willpower only works for as long as you can remember the reasoning and motivation – so as soon as we have recovered enough from our last die-fast binge, we slowly slip back into our old tracks again. The consequence may be a heavy, fatigued, bloated and irritable feeling – and we wish we could feel light, full of energy and motivation and just…young.

It doesn’t have to be like this. You need a Detox.

Some time for reflection and inward focusing – whilst feeding your body nothing but goodness – allowing your body a break from fire fighting to concentrate on the natural processes of detoxing.

But which Detox plan to follow? You only have to google ‘detox’, to have literally hundreds of detox menu’s to hand – however – be mindful as any detox plan not taylor-made for YOU, can make you feel terrible, fatigued, starved or perhaps even worse, be a complete and utter failure, as your particular requirements are not being met.

Personalised Nutrition tailor-makes Detox plans to suit you. Perhaps your detox should be protein based instead of juice based? Perhaps it should contain no fruit, and maybe a 1-day is just right for now, or maybe you need additional nutritional support to deal with a caffeine-withdrawal induced dopamine reduction leading to misery all around?

Personalised Nutrition will create a very detailed Detox program which is right for you. Book your January appointment early!!

But hang on, doesn’t our body ‘detox itself’
‘detoxification’ is part of our normal physiology and we wouldn’t survive long if this function was impaired.

The word ‘detoxification’ has become to symbolise something diet-related and often commercial, however we must remember the original intention, which is to take some time out to allow our body to concentrate on cleansing, supporting this function with all the nutrients it needs to carry out this function, whilst of course avoiding the intake of any further toxins.

So what are toxins?
Toxins could be classed as everything that has a negative affect or is directly harmful to human biochemistry.

Toxins are external compounds such as those found in our air, water, and food, but they are also ‘endogenous’ – ie. byproduct substances produced by the body in carrying out it’s normal metabolic functions.

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