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Mikael Liedbergius….
I went to see Linda 2010 for the first time with an skin problem (adult acne) and wanting to lose weight. Following Linda’s nutritional protocol, i lost 4kg within 2 months, and my skin improved hugely, and i began to notice a difference already after a week. Since then, i regularly check in with Linda, to keep my weight in check and to fix any niggling cravings or health concerns that crop up.
Mikael Liedbergius, 42, Stockholm/Sweden

I sought advise from Linda for my son who is an extremely fussy eater and who was starting to have very worrying dental decay due to the poor diet. I have previously been to NHS Nutritionists to seek help, but the advise was to just give him vitamins, which i had already been giving him anyway. Other ‘tricks’ to get my child to eat were bordering on ridiculous, and i can’t imagine would work on any fussy eater. Linda seemed very experienced in this area, and gave me some fantastic advise on how i could improve my sons diet in ways i could never have thought of, and have never come across on the many website’s i have searched on the subject. If you have a fussy eater child and are concerned over how it is affecting their health, go and seek the help you need!

My competensies

My Qualifications

Diploma in Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy – College of CNM, London. 3 year training, qualifying year 2007
BSc Nutritional Science (under way), Middlesex University, 4 year training
NLP Practitioner Diploma

Member of BANT
Member of Royal Society of Medicine
Member of ICO – Confidential
Full Professional Indemnity Insurance

My Social Identity/branding – club / fashion / yummy mummy / ibiza / play hard / …….

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