About Me

photo 4Linda Biog…..

A firm believer in ‘keeping it real’, Linda embraces the reality of modern living, of how we so often play hard and work hard. Leading our hectic lives, we are often under huge amounts of stress, we are time-poor and priority slaves. On that to-do list, where is our health and wellbeing. Burnout is just around the corner.

However through Bespoke, Personalised Nutrition Linda believes her philosophy provides an affordable, easy solution to the stressful, physical symptoms caused by inner city lives, and she believe that we can ALL do and feel better, given the right fuel and right conditions.

Linda feels strongly that expert dietary advice and bespoke nutrition should not be available only to the fortunate, and therefore always strive to keep prices extremely competitive, spreading the message of how to live better throughout the communities. She also has a keen interest in public health, and regularly carry out workshops and talks for various charities.

How did she get there

Nutrition and Health has always been Linda’s calling.
Having been brought up on ‘lentils and yoga’ by a mother who had studied Nutrition in her past and with a keen interest in growing organic vegetables before the word organic was invented, health and nutrition became part of life from the start. Early in her career, she worked in Fitness Institutes and in the Nutritional Supplement industry, leading her into taking short courses in Nutrition, Anatomy, and Physiology before embarking on the full 3 year Nutritional Therapy qualification with the prestigious College of CNM in London in 2004.

During this time, Linda’s own health deteriorated and at one point, she suffered chronic and debilitating joint and muscular pain and inflammation, and as it was ‘unexplained’, there was nothing that Doctors offer by way of help. Treating herself with Nutritional Medicine, she is as of a number of years completely pain free, have tons of energy, and at 41, feel amazing and the healthiest she has ever felt, despite a jam packed work, social and family life.

The Future

Her learning and development doesn’t stop here, as Linda keeps up to date with the latest progress in health research by methodically reading important science journals reflecting the latest discoveries, and attends often weekly courses, webinars and seminars, learning from the best experts in the world.
In addition, Linda is currently also completing a BSc in Nutritional Science, combining the science with holistic naturopathic training.
The science of nutrition is a fast evolving science, and Linda is proud to take part in the progress.

Why me?
Linda has a unique view and experience in Nutrition from both the Naturopathic and Science angle, coupled with a lifelong exposure to Nutrition and Health.
She has a curious mind and has an insatiable appetite for learning how the body works, which has lead her to test-drive endless ‘diet’s out there over many many years.

Linda Albinsson
Registered Nutritional Therapist
(BSc Nutritional Science underway)

Registered and regulated by The British Association for Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy
Data Protection Agency (ICO)
Full professional Indemnity Insurance
Associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine.

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